Vertical Rice Whitener

Vertical Rice Whitener

Necessity is mother of all inventions and developments. Changing scenario in Rice Milling and need od a versatile Polisher which can handle every type of Rice, Be it Hybrid, Saathi, Long Grain basmati or PR-11, 1121. The main challenge is to get maximum yield and lesser tip or fall brokens. Earlier Whiteners had some disadvantages of grain loss and broken which hass been minimized in new GMTA series.

This series has been spcially made hybrid of traditional polisher and whitners to achieve good milling result with slower RPM. Less impact will produce better rice at lesser temperature built up in polishing chamber.

Technical Specification:

  • Soft and Getle polishing Process : Slow speed and high contact of larger diameter polishing area in polishing chamber ensures more shine and lesser broken.
  • Dehuskers: Maximise your rice harvest with our cutting-edge dehusked. Designed to remove husks while maintaining the grain's integrity efficiently, our dehusks deliver exceptional performance and reduce waste.
  • Paddy Separators: With our precisely engineered paddy separators, you can precisely separate paddy and brown rice. These separators guaranteed precise separation, resulting in a higher-quality final product and decreased post-processing needs.
  • Whitening Machines: Experience exceptional rice refining with our innovative whiteners. Our innovative equipment ensures reliable whitening results, allowing you to produce the highest quality refined rice.
  • Graders and Sorters: Our mechanised graders and sorters provide unmatched quality control. These devices accurately classify rice kernels by size, shape, and colour, ensuring uniformity and adhering to the industry's most stringent standards.
  • High-Capacity Colour Sorter: Enhance the aesthetic allure of your rice with our high-capacity colour sorters. These devices use sophisticated optical sensors to detect and remove imperfect grains, extraneous materials, and discoloured rice, ensuring the final product is visually appealing.
  • Packaging Solutions: Utilise our customised packaging solutions to package your rice efficiently. Our packaging machinery offers versatility, durability, and dependability to satisfy the demands of diverse markets, from bulk sacks to consumer-sized packets.