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The show was launched in 1945 by our late founder, Late Sh. Shanti Swroop ji. Before, only hullers and chakkies were operated in the rice mill where the business was conducted. Afterward, this little shop with the name M/s Shanti Sheller Manufacturers. The tools that were in use at the time were causing a lot of waste. For modernisation, he had extra guts. He used to apply straightforward strategies to deal with everyday issues.

Late Sh. Shanti Swroop ji

GMSP Hi-Tech Machines has historically stood for excellence. Northern India's one of a kind. By the late Shanti Swroop Aggarwal, it was founded in 1945. Who entered the industrial sector in 1945, and now their grandsons Mr. Nitin Aggarwal, Mr. Bhuvesh Aggarwal, and Mr. Raghav Aggarwal are successfully running the GMSP Hi-Tech Machines, a manufacturing company that focuses on standardisation, right planning, and performance.

Our originator, the late Sh. Shanti Swroop ji, began the show in 1945. When it first started, only hullers and chakkies were operated in the rice mill business. Then there is this little shop called M/s Shanti Sheller Manufacturers. The equipment employed at the time was generating a lot of waste. He had extra guts to embrace modernity. He used to employ straightforward methods to address everyday issues.

The company expanded from a tiny workshop to a large one in 1959. It then began manufacturing rice mills and constructed its own rice mill, a German modern rice mill that was opened by Sh. Raghunandan Bhatia C.P. of the D.D. Group.

In those days, we began producing full rice mill units based on historically antiquated machinery in 1966. In those rice mills, a lot of food and oil-containing materials used to be wasted. The industry at the time needed to be modernised. For greater production and less breakage, rubber roll dehuskers replaced emery Shellers in imported German facilities.

Shanti Swroop Aggarwal

A completely Indian rubber roll dehusker was introduced to the market in 1970. Demonstrations of the machines' actual operation were held at marketplaces not just in Punjab but also in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. In these states, hundreds of mills underwent modernization. The rice industry produced rice and made a profit while also saving oil and other materials. As a result, Solvent Oil Mills does the same. In the seminars, we received a lot of prizes and shields.

In order to replace the more than one lac rice hullers in India, M/s Shanti Sheller makers were inspired in 1976 by Dr. Subramaniam, Head of the Paddy Processing Research Centre in Tiruvarur. We began working on it in addition to making mechanised rice milling plants.

We introduced a rubber roll-style micro rice machine in 1977 and distributed it throughout India. There are currently 50,000 machines operating across all of India. 'Achha Beopari,' a free monthly magazine with a circulation of 20,000 copies, used to be given to rice millers across India. When terrorism was at its peak in Punjab in 1984, this magazine's production had to be terminated.

When Punjab was free of terrorism in 1995, we restarted our production facility, which is today larger and more modern than previously. Our company is supported by the engineer founder's and superb, experienced staff's combined experience of almost 50 years. Modernised mother machines are periodically substituted for the outdated ones. As we deal with the times, we provide national products that meet international standards.

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